The name is tricky.

In Asia, either your name is in the form of {family name} {given name}, or {given name} {son/daughter of} {father’s name} like some Arabic or Indian names. On this blog, which I expect Westernised audiences, I am going with the conventional {given name} {family name} format. Hence KimSia Sim.

You can just call me Kim. It’s easier. And, please, you aren’t the first one to make a North Korean joke about my name.

I live, work, and play in a city-state called Singapore. I run a business managing tech for other businesses. It’s currently called Oppoin (rhymes with appoint) for legacy reasons. In other words, I run a tech B2B outfit.


I like to build stuff. At first, I wasn’t very good. Eventually, I got better. And then, I enjoy building stuff even more. Which leads me to do more of it. Which begets more progress.

You get the idea.

I have either built things on my own, or I have done it within a team structure.

Things I have built personally:

  1. A quotation and purchase order systems for telecommunications equipment firm
  2. A PDF reconciliation systems for asset management firm

Things I have built by leading a team:

  1. A RFID warehouse inventory system with iPod devices for warehouse workers for kitchenware company based in China
  2. A one-way data replication for the same warehouse inventory system above so that employees based outside of China can access the data

These are the most challenging projects I have worked on. Therefore, they’ve also become my most satisfying achievements to date.

Purpose of Blog

I previously wrote in this section that I will write a variety of topics but in terms of theme, I will be writing specifically about patterns of breakthroughs

The part about not restricting to any specific topics will stay. However, the theme which I picked 6 months ago at the inception of this blog now seems hollow given what I have written so far and what I’m focusing mostly in my life right now.

So for now, the purpose of this blog for now is to simply let this blog evolve an identity of its own. Anything other than that seems premature.