Published So Far

I have not fully decided on the organization of this blog. For now, I’m using WordPress and its Pages component. My top priority is to write and publish evergreen content. Not so much on topical events. Hence, the choice of writing entirely in Pages.

The sad thing is that WordPress prioritizes Posts over Pages. Therefore, I need a page like this listing out what I have previously published.

Note: all links in this page will open up in a new tab.


These are more like think pieces. I write them to understand my own thoughts.

A Library of Frequently Looked Up

I am also building up a public library of frequently referenced knowledge. Starting with topics to do with SQL queries.



The difference between Guides and Library Topics are that Guides are exclusively built as opinionated, step-by-step to resolve a targeted problem. Whereas Library Topics may still contain step-by-step content, these are not exclusively the case. The Library Topics act more as a repository of facts. Not opinionated instructions.

Of course, things may change as I slowly publish more in both Guides and Library Topics

Privacy Policy Page

And finally, I have a private policy page in case you like to read that.

General Attitude Towards Publishing

I’m starting on a new process regarding my publishing.

In 2018, I focused more on getting started. I accomplished that by writing over 15 pieces for various technology startups via a content marketing agency. In addition, I started this blog at around July 2018 without any clear aims.

In 2019, I’m ready for the next stage in my evolution. Instead of concentrating on starting, I’m focusing on being consistent. The aim now is to publish a piece every week regardless of length. Also, I will cast my net wide to get readers and reach out to people whose writings I admire.